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The Benefits of Recycling Drilling Waste Span Across Your Company’s Operating Divisions


Benefits Of Solid Waste Recycling And Processing

Drilling Operations Become More Efficient

Boldwater’s patented on-site treatment and recycling processes immediately provides any drilling location or reserve pit with both environmental and cost benefits by eliminating:

  • Disposal handling
  • VOCs (volatile organic compounds) on the rig location
  • Dozens of heavy-haul trucks, and the logistics involved, for transporting solid oil and gas waste offsite
  • Risk of spills, surface damage and even surface or groundwater contamination
  • Reserve pits (in most circumstances)

Boldwater’s drilling waste handling processes are engineered and designed to manage and reduce costs and provide greater overall value for the Operator. Clients recognize improvements in the immediate area along with a dramatic reduction in the amount of personnel and equipment. Boldwater uses specially selected all-natural, eco-friendly microbial based materials to consume and rapidly eliminate hydrocarbons (as opposed to dilution or disguising) guaranteeing you that the environment including surface, water ways and subsurface water all remains safe and clean.

Construction and Production Teams Receive High-Quality Base Material

Boldwater’s on-site recycling of solid drilling waste provides a regulated, high quality flexible base material for lease and ranch roads, county roads, and operational pad sites that will offset purchases of commercial or locally excavated base material. The drilling waste never leaves the site, but is Bio-Remediated,recycled, and tested to ensure quality and regulatory satisfaction.

Boldwater is the only entity currently authorized and permitted to perform recycling of non-hazardous or RCRA Exempt solid oil and gas drilling wastes on-lease whereby we utilize a 100% natural micro-organism based and patent pending set of processes to treat and eliminate hydrocarbon contamination and then recycle the resulting material in accordance with EPA and state Administrative Code to defined minimum conditions for all control parameters.

Corporate Balance Sheet Improves

In addition to the above, all of which expresses the highest environmental awareness and good citizenship to the local communities, Boldwater’s tested and true recycling of drilling waste offers our clients an elimination of future environmental liability associated with solid oil and gas drilling wastes.

EPA rule dictates by law that, the process of recycling of wastes performed by a state permitted entity in good standing with the state regulatory group governing these wastes, followed by a beneficial reuse of the Recycled Material generated, the Recycled Material is defined by rule to no longer be a “waste material” and therefore has no ongoing environmental liability.

Our Recycled Material is tested by 3rd party labs to confirm all state and federal criteria and standards for beneficial waste recycling are satisfied on more than a dozen criteria; including the TPH levels, leachable hydrocarbons and chlorides, and compressive strength of the Recycled Material. Boldwater will provide, as part of the regulatory reporting for each job, the chain of custody, material transfers and all regulatory documents that demonstrates the beneficial reuse and eliminates future environmental liability associated with what once was an RCRA exempt solid oil and gas waste.

From a corporate perspective, when drilling wastes are recycled by Boldwater and reused as defined and pre-approved by regulations, there is no ongoing liability. Therefore, the need for associated liability reserves, insurance or entries on the company balance sheet is eliminated.

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