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Aerial Mapping & Analysis

Manage operations at scale while innovating across your sites

Drone Mapping Technology

Boldwater Environmental enables our clientele to take their business to new environmentally savvy heights. Through interactive digital maps and in-depth analysis, you gain the confidence to make safe environmental decisions, cutting costs, and saving time.

Drone Mapping Capabilities

Improve Site Operations

Monitor operations across downstream, midstream, & upstream in O&J Industry or wherever an environmental issue arises.

Identify Environmental Risk Efficiently

Manage safety and maintenance issues faster while complying with government rules & regulations. We can quickly identify issues on-site and share visual evidence with operators using real time accuracy.

Innovate with Scaled Data

Get a better view of operations on a whole new Level and Stay aware of operations status using visual documentation with high resolution maps, reports, and 3D models, as well as real-time 2D Live Maps for immediate analysis.

Process Maps Fast

Quickly process images into detailed maps and 3D models and build customized reports to fit operator’s needs.

Collaborative Insights

100% transparency that shares maps with operators and tools to put insights into action and keeping you ahead of the curve.


Drone Imaging Tools & Analysis

  1. Fast and efficient site evaluations
  2. High quality quantitative analysis tools
  3. Stock Pile volume and dimensions
  4. Site Mapping and Progressive Reporting
  5. 2-D & 3-D Modeling
  6. Spill Impact and Surface Area Definition
  7. Plant Health, Infrared and Tech Mapping
Drone Stock Pile - Analytics
  1. Define pile & cut volume
  2. Calculate surface area
  3. Document slopes & gradient
  4. Measurements +/- 1%
  5. Progress reports
  6. Timeline comparisons
  7. Show stormwater pathways & retention capacities
  8. Numerous applications
Drone Mapping
  1. 2-D and 3-D Modeling
  2. Elevation and topographic views
  3. Compare as-built to as-designed quickly
  4. Multiple mapping layer options
  5. Progressive Timeline – day 1 to completion
  6. Autonomous flight path tracking
  1. Real time aerial views
  2. Commonly used with 360 Pano views
  3. Profile measurements
  4. Also distance, area & volume details
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Certifications & Accreditations

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