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Bio-Remediation Benefits

EPA Approved

The list of corporate, environmental and societal benefits in respect to the use of Bio-Remediation is vast. Most prominently, by definition, Bio-Remediation indicates that the clean-up of any situation or event will be completed with an all-natural solution. In the world of oil & gas, the use of Bio-Remediation applies to what would otherwise be considered “hazardous waste”.

In a drilling scenario, Bio-Remediation can be used to treat and clean solid drilling waste that contains hydrocarbons, chlorides, heavy metals and other hazardous substances. In an operational scenario, Bio-Remediation can be used to eradicate the effects of hydrocarbon spills. When used appropriately, the end result of Bio-Remediation methods is that the local environment is returned to an environmentally-sound condition; suffering no adverse effects from the oil & gas activities that took place.


Drilling Operations Become More Efficient

Boldwater's Drilling Waste Handling processes are engineered and designed to manage and reduce costs and provide greater overall value for the Operator.

Construction and Production Teams Receive High Quality Base Material

Boldwater's on-site recycling of solid drilling waste provides a regulated, high quality flexible base material for lease and ranch roads, county roads, and operational pad sites that will offset purchases of commercial or locally excavated base material.

Corporate Balance Sheet & Corporate Sustainability Ratings Improve

When drilling wastes are recycled by Boldwater and reused as defined and pre-approved by regulations, there is no ongoing liability. Therefore, the need for associated liability reserves, insurance, or entries on the company balance sheet is reduced. Shareholders will support companies that structure their operations to protect the environment.


Rapid, All-Natural Treatment Solutions

In the last few decades, technological advances have enabled bio-remedies to target every level of hydrocarbon and eliminate them in a very rapid timeframe, and we at Boldwater employ a state-of-the-art bio-solution in our Bio-Remediation services. Using our all-natural enzyme solution, we can virtually erase any hydrocarbon-related activity and return the area to its native condition.

Improved Air Quality

Because Boldwater's process eliminates the need for transporting hazardous drilling waste to a dumping facility, we eliminate on average 70 heavy-haul trucks for every drilling project. This improves local air quality by avoiding combustion emissions associated with truck traffic as well as the high maintenance and (typically bi-annual) rebuilding of roads.


Boldwater Helps You Remain in Good Standing As A Member of the Communities In Which You Operate

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