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Onsite Spills

Onsite Spills

Hydrocarbon Leaks & Spills

Oil & gas field operations include numerous activities and day to day processes that have the potential of generating a hydrocarbon-based spill that would contaminate topsoil, flexible road base material and even ponds, streams and waterways. Boldwater treatment capabilities using our all-natural solution provides a rapid response and eco-friendly way to treat and elliminate hydrocarbon spills without further damage to plants, animals, livestock, or property.


  • Cost Effective – In case of a smaller spill, you can avoid the expensive process of excavating the contaminated soil and replace high aggregate costs… simply apply our all-natural solution to the spill and it will rapidly eliminate the hydrocarbon contamination. In the case of larger spills, the material can be transfered to our open top treatment boxes to complete the Bio-Remediation process much faster and allows for better control of the area of contamination while still providing a low-cost Bio-Remediation service.
  • Fast-Acting – our Bio-Remediation technology rapidly breaks down simple and complex hydrocarbons… VOCs and light hydrocarbons are eliminated in minutes where longer chain hydrocarbons can be eliminated within a few hours.
  • Environmental Citizenship – quick and cost-effective results achieved by simply applying our technologies to spills and or leaks will maintain the area in an environmentally safe and compliant condition.

The list of corporate, environmental and societal benefits in respect to the use of Bio-Remediation is vast. Most prominently, by definition, Bio-Remediation indicates that the clean-up of any situation or event will be completed with an all-natural solution. In the world of oil & gas, the use of Bio-Remediation applies to what would otherwise be considered “hazardous waste”.

In a drilling scenario, Bio-Remediation can be used to treat solid drilling waste that contains hydrocarbons, chlorides, heavy metals and other hazardous substances. In an operational scenario, Bio-Remediation can be used to eradicate the effects of hydrocarbon spills. When used appropriately, the end result of Bio-Remediation methods is that the local environment is returned to an environmentally-sound condition; suffering no adverse effects from the oil & gas activities that took place.

Boldwater offers a “Spill Eliminator” packaged to be readily available for an Operators personnel to apply to the hydrocarbon spill after making provisions for containment and any storm water control. Clean up can be handled with one or two quick applications to quickly decompose the hydrocarbons in place and restore the impacted area to its original clean and environmentally safe condition.

For larger spills we recommend utilizing our regulatory and technical resources as part of your response or as a follow up to your first response and initial treatment applications. Our treatment applications are designed to support the microbial life to fully decompose the hydrocarbons. In some cases, we recommend larger or more frequent treatments simply to increase the rate of Bio-Remediation.

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