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Spill Management & Bio-Remediation

Boldwater’s all-natural treatment provides value for O&G companies in virtually all phases of routine operations. Whether hydrocarbons are transported through pipelines, or via truck or rail, or maintained in storage, minor and major spills are an operational reality. Boldwater has developed their Hydrocarbon Spill Management Program with this in mind and can support any level of remediation effort; from simply supplying our clients with ready-to-use packs of our eco-friendly “Spill Eliminator” to a comprehensive spill management program designed to proactively ensure environmental compliance and safety. We provide comprehensive services for:


Leak and Spill Management

Boldwater provides both support and management solutions for the routine spills that occur as  part of normal operations as well as response planning and implementation for recordable spill events.

Commercial & Development Bio-Remediation Services

Boldwater is uniquely qualified to Bio-Remediate commercial and development real estate that contains hydrocarbon-based contamination

Waterborne & Shoreline

Certifications & Accreditations

Permit # MR-0024



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