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Drilling Activities

Boldwater's Unique Bio-Remediation Process

Boldwater performs the bulk of our services in the upstream segment of the industry. At a price that is cost-effective and comparable to traditional treatment & disposal methods, Boldwater can help with:

Drilling Waste Recycling

Treatment & Bio-Remediation

Our specialized enzyme treatment actively degrades hydrocarbons and effectively decontaminates the solid waste material alongside the drilling operation in an efficient time frame.

Reserve Pit Reclamation & Closures

Pit Reclamation

Boldwater recognizes that in some cases, oil & gas operators utilize reserve pits to store and hold drilling wastes. As part of regulated pit closures, Boldwater specializes in treatment programs to support authorized pit closures based on the waste characterization of the material. We also offer to reclaim old pits locations and recycle these previously buried drilling wastes. Boldwater’s eco-friendly processes rapidly eliminate hydrocarbon contamination and return the job site to environmental compliance in a cost-effective manner.

Onsite Spills

Hydrocarbon Leaks & Spills

Oil & gas field operations include numerous activities and day to day processes that have the potential of generating a hydrocarbon-based spill that would contaminate topsoil, flexible road base material and even ponds, streams and waterways. Boldwater treatment capabilities using our all-natural solution provides a rapid response and eco-friendly way to treat and elliminate hydrocarbon spills without further damage to plants, animals, livestock, or property.

Certifications & Accreditations

Permit # MR-0024



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TCEQ Recognized

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