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Drilling Activities

Oilfield Solid Waste Recycling

Drilling Waste Recycling

Drilling Waste Recycling

Treatment & Bio-Remediation

Our specialized enzyme treatment actively degrades hydrocarbons and effectively decontaminates the solid waste material alongside the drilling operation in an efficient time frame.

Strength Stabilization

Based on the recycled material's intended use, we will add native aggregate and cement Stabilizer to the Bio-Remediated material to ensure that the end product will be strong, well-suited for its purpose, and TXDOT approved.

Testing of Recycled Road Base

Under the terms of our permit, a third party Lab tests the material for present levels of all state and EPA controlled substances including Arsenic, Barium, Cadmium, Chromium, Lead, Mercury, Selenium, Silver, Zinc, Benzene, Chloride, and TPH's.

Reuse of Recycled Road Base

Once the material is tested and cleared, it is available to be made into a high quality reusabe material.


  • Drilling Cost Reduction - the cost of treating & recycling the RCRA Exempt solid oil & gas drilling waste onsite eliminates the need for trucking and disposal of these regulated wastes offsite.
  • Eliminate Reserve Pits – our process supports an Operator to eliminate use of a reserve pit helping to further drive not only the drilling cost down, but also reducing the footprint of the drilling operation.
  • Construction Cost Reduction – eliminate or reduce the hauling of road base material from long distances or average down those costs with the Recycled Material available to you already on lease.
  • Corporate Compliance – through the EPA recognised and state Permitted Recycling and beneficial reuse of recycled solid oil & gas drilling waste, Boldwater eliminates all ongoing environmental liabilities associated with these RCRA Exempt drilling wastes.
  • Corporate Financial Benefits – eliminate cash or balance sheet reserves or insurance costs associated with potential future environmental liabilities associated with these drilling wastes and improve company stock values and equity distributions.
  • Enhanced Asset Valuations – eliminating these environmental risks has shown to improve property and asset valuations, and streamline transaction closures at maximum valuations.
  • Environmental Citizenship – eliminating heavy truck traffic on lease roads as well as state and federal highways help reduce wear and tear, reduce local taxes, and provides a sustainable and environmentally safe solution that ensures the Recycled Material has been tested and cleared of all state and EPA controlled substances. The elimination of between 30 to 100 heavy-haul vehicles has positive impacts on local air quality and reduced traffic incidents on-lease and associated with local traffic and road conditions.
  • Landowner Satisfaction – landowner review of the near and long term environmental benefits along with the reduced traffic, and better quality lease roads all resulting with a treating and recycling program that has no hazardous chemicals or emissions, no negative impact on the property, wildlife or ranching animals, and ultimately releases them of all environmental liabilities is recognized as a superior solution for solid oil & gas drilling wastes generated on their properties.

Boldwater Environmental Solutions, LLC (BOLDWATER) offers the complete Bio-Remediation of solid oil and gas drilling wastes such as drill cuttings and hydrocarbon contaminated soils on lease and at your drill site.

BOLDWATER introduces specially selected all-natural biological materials and optimizes the hydrocarbon decay utilizing our patent pending processes that provides significant cost savings compared to alternative trucking and disposal charges.

BOLDWATER utilizes treating materials that are 100% natural products derived from naturally occurring and sustainable sources which are safe to handle, transport, use and dispose of when the job is completed.

BOLDWATER is proud to promote and support these biological based and eco-friendly services to the oil and gas industry along with our commitment to satisfaction and results.   

BOLDWATER has specifically designed services to support the upstream oil and gas industry as well as the midstream handling and downstream refining and processing industries. BOLDWATER is a Texas based business established by Boldwater USA to provide the field supervision and regulatory services involved in the application of this technology.    

Bio-Technology is the use of microbes and life processes to produce materials and products that are useful to mankind. Therefore, techniques that use living organisms for specific uses are defined as Bio-Tech. The understanding of Bio-Technology has accelerated greatly from that utilized 20 or 30 years ago, and as a result, Bio-Technology now represents a much more sophisticated set of techniques and tools. These tools and techniques, taken from biochemistry, immunology, microbiology, cell biology and chemistry, are used to address a variety of life challenges including the applications designed by Boldwater USA.

Bio-Remediation has proven to be an economical and safe method for cleaning up oil spills and soils contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons and dangerous organic compounds. The Bio-Remediation process utilizes beneficial microbes, natural surfactants, micronutrients and Bio-Stimulants to decompose hydrocarbon contaminants transforming them into harmless byproducts such as water and carbon dioxide. 

These specifically designed applications developed by Boldwater, optimizes the decay of hydrocarbon compounds to provide very rapid and consistent results. Where land farming and similar processes in the past required months and even years to achieve the necessary results, BOLDWATER is able to provide an even more complete Bio-Remediation phase of work within 24 hours of drilling to total depth (TD) of a modern-day oil or gas well.

BOLDWATER is permitted through the Railroad Commission of Texas, approved through the New Mexico OCD, the Oklahoma OCC, and the Louisiana LDR to provide all field and regulatory services ensuring that all the state and EPA requirements are satisfied in the recycling of the solid oil and gas waste and provides a recycled material with beneficial use or reuse. Boldwater is actively expanding into other states and countries. 

Certifications & Accreditations

Permit # MR-0024



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TCEQ Recognized

EPA Recognized

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