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Our Leadership

Mark Knippa

President & CEO

As the owner, President and CEO of both Boldwater USA and Boldwater Environmental Solutions, Mark has taken the concept of bio-remediation and redefine the technologies and processes being used today to offer highly sustainable natural solutions with 100% success history of rapidly and economically cleaning up any hydrocarbon contamination.

Mark manages the day to day operations of both the technology developments as well as the hydrocarbon bio-remediation and recycling services. Mark has dedicated more than 35 years in the oil and gas industry across the oil & gas and midstream industries.

Mark holds a Bachelor of Science in Natural Gas & Chemical Engineering from Texas A&M University Kingsville, TX.


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David Palazzolo

Environmental, Operations & HSE Consultant

As the Environmental & Operations Consultant for Boldwater Environmental Solutions, David manages the field applications and implementation of the Boldwater USA technologies. As the HSE Consultant , David advises, trains, and implements all Safety protocols and keeps Boldwater safe and up to date on all safety related topics. 

David has extensive experience in the management and development of personnel and resources across several industry backgrounds and brings a diverse and fresh perspective working first hand with customers across the oil & gas industry. David is an environmental consultant that manages the online marketing and information presence for Boldwater as well as the Federal and State online Master Bidders Listings.

David holds a BBA of Business from The University of Houston in Marketing.


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Taylor Knippa

Administrative Consultant

As the Regulatory Consultant for Boldwater Environmental Solutions, Taylor manages all regulatory reporting and administrative operations.

Taylor has experience in team management and development, and office administration. Taylor brings a unique perspective focusing on Regulatory management and administration across several states and diverse regulatory organizations. Taylor holds a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from Texas A&M University College Station, TX and a Masters of Business Administration from University of Phoenix.


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Trey Knippa

Unmanned Aircraft Operations & Analytics Consultant

A a Consultant of Unmanned Aircraft Operations for Boldwater Environmental Solutions, Trey develops and executes drone operations inclusive of video and photography flights, along with in-house aerial mapping utilizing drone deploy analytic technologies associated with both 2D and 3D mapping.

Trey also manages the development of an aerial map and data library that establishes data baselines of environmental conditions, forestry development, stormwater developments and more for clients with the use of advanced USA and camera technologies. He also is part of the team working to help develop new tools for aerial VOC and gas emissions via drone as well as fixed wing pipeline inspections.

Trey is licensed FAA commercial unmanned aerial systems pilot and has started working on his Bachelor of Science in Environmental Geology and GIS systems mapping, with plans to better utilize and expand the use of global positioning data to monitor and collect scaled data.

Certifications & Accreditations

Permit # MR-0024



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