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About Boldwater

Bio-Based Remediation and Recycling

Bio-Based Technologies

At Boldwater, we have been pioneering mobile, bio-based remediation and recycling technologies in the oil & gas industry since 2013. Through the use of our patent pending method, we eliminate hydrocarbon contamination from soils and have developed an environmentally-sustainable solution for the remediation and recycling of oil-based drilling waste… all at a very cost-effective price.

We are permitted for mobile recycling services by the Railroad Commission of Texas and we offer onsite consultations, services and products for oil & gas operators. The basis of everything we do centers on all-natural and eco-friendly solutions and our clients can be found across the spectrum of industry sectors, including:

  • Upstream – Drilling and production
  • Midstream – Pipeline, storage and transportation
  • Downstream - Refining, Processing and Distribution

Benefits of Hydrocarbon Bio-Remediation

While most of the industry continues to look for the most inexpensive solution, we see state and private land owners looking for a more environmental friendly and cost affective solution. Boldwaters process can provide a significant paradigm shift in the way oil cuttings waste are managed today. By using our state and federally approved bio-based process, one can provide a significant advantage to the current (outdated) system of off-lease burial at commercially permitted sites. Our environmental friendly process eliminates the need to truck waste materials off lease and, more importantly, (per recent regulations) transfers the environmental liability of those specific drill cuttings waste from a producer to Boldwater. As you know, reducing any environmental risk can be significant over time depending on a producers view of that ongoing environmental liability and future exposure.

Our ultimate goal is to provide (3) buckets of value to an Operator:

  1. To transfer environmental liability from the Operator to Boldwater, providing Operator with an authorized and approved regulatory recycling of these solid O&G wastes which eliminates future environmental liabilities associated with these materials that were once classified as drilling waste.
  2. The offset of drilling related costs on site and replace trucking, disposal, truck loading and related costs, burial costs and equipment costs with our onsite permitted solid oil & gas waste recycling.
  3. To provide Operator with a Recycled Road Base Material that satisfies at a minimum TxDOT Grade 2 Specifications for flexible road base for your beneficial reuse.

Back Yard Operations

Boldwater works on site within the current drilling operations process. We utilize 3 to 5 open top (200 bbl) cuttings boxes to handle all solid waste off the rig shakers, dryers, centrifuges etc. We also can bio-remediate and recycle all spills, excess cement and most solid waste from the drilling location. We transfer the waste to the open tops, perform our patent pending process, and then mix out and transfer to a bermed holding cell area and repeat these processes for the entire well. Once the well is finished, we handle any remix needed in the holding cell and we pull samples and send to 3rd party labs for all regulatory testing on a well by well basis. Once testing confirms that all regulatory control parameters are satisfied, the recycled material is available for reuse by the operator and formal documentation for that individual well/lease is presented to the operator. Note that BES has a 100% success rate and we are in excellent standing with the RRC and all other regulatory groups including the EPA.



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