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Reserve Pit Reclamation & Closures

Reserve Pit Reclamation & Closures

Reserve Pit Reclamation & Closures

Pit Reclamation

Boldwater recognizes that in some cases, oil & gas operators utilize reserve pits to store and hold drilling wastes. As part of regulated pit closures, Boldwater specializes in treatment programs to support authorized pit closures based on the waste characterization of the material. We also offer to reclaim old pits locations and recycle these previously buried drilling wastes. Boldwater’s eco-friendly processes rapidly eliminate hydrocarbon contamination and return the job site to environmental compliance in a cost-effective manner.


  • Operational Cost Reduction – the Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) allows oil & gas Operators the use of reserve pits with requirements on timeline and criteria for pit closure according to Rule 8. Boldwater offers a pit treatment to rapidly reduce total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH) and all hydrocarbons that complies with RRC Rule and provides the added benefit of eliminating hydrocarbons with an eco-friendly solution prior to pit closure.
  • Environmental Citizenship – Boldwater provides pit treatment as a service or we can provide your pit closure crews with the materials and instruction to effectively eliminate TPH and hydrocarbons associated with oil & gas drilling waste. Boldwaters pit treatment protect the surface water as well as subsurface fresh water formations from THP and hydrocarbon contamination.
  • Corporate Compliance & Balance Sheet Benefit – continued use of the Boldwater pit treatment solutions, and if sampled and tested, will provide tangible records that TPH and all hydrocarbon contamination was treated and will prevent any surface water or subsurface fresh water from future contamination associated with these oil & gas drilling wastes.
  • Landowner Satisfaction – The Boldwater pit treatments will rapidly decompose TPH and hydrocarbon contaminated oil & gas drilling wastes and eliminate associated risks of surface water and subsurface fresh water contamination associated with the buried waste.

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