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“Our Eco-Friendly Solutions For Bio-Remediation and Recycling Provides Zero Impact on Environment”

Rapid, All-Natural Treatment Solutions

Bio-Remediation, itself, has experienced significant technological advances over the past few decades. What used to be a “one-size-fits-all” remedy, that not only took a long time to work, but also didn’t work across the entire chain of hydrocarbons, has been drastically improved through science. Bio-remedies can now target every level of hydrocarbon and eliminate them in a very rapid timeframe, and we at Boldwater employ a state-of-the-art bio-solution in our remediation services. Using our all-natural enzyme solution, light hydrocarbons are eliminated within seconds and heavier hydrocarbons are eliminated within hours. In a nutshell, we can virtually erase any hydrocarbon-related activity and return the local area to its native condition.

Improved Air Quality

Because the Boldwater process eliminates the need for transporting hazardous drilling waste to a dumping facility, dozens of heavy-haul trucks are eliminated for every drilling project. This improves local air quality by avoiding both combustion emissions as well as airborne dust from dirt roads.

"Boldwater Helps You Remain in Good Standing as A Member  of the Communities In Which You Operate”

Footprint Minimization

Another benefit of Bio-Remediation practices is that it typically can be accomplished in a much smaller physical area than other methods of oil & gas activity. Boldwater is permitted to perform onsite bio-treatment and recycling and, as such, the use of our Bio-Remediation solution for drilling waste eliminates the need for a drilling reserve pit or the necessity of dumping the waste at an expansive land-based facility. In a spill situation, instead of hauling and dumping large quantities of affected soil elsewhere, Boldwater can perform treatment in place. This capability, in addition to being eco-friendly, also saves significant expenses for our clients.

Less Traffic

Oil & Gas drilling operations are usually accompanied by a large number of large and small vehicles on local roads and highways. Because Boldwater performs all services onsite, and the drilling waste never leaves the drilling lease, large vehicle traffic, and the risks associated, are significantly reduced


Boldwater has designed proven Bio-Remediation solutions to support all segments of the oil & gas industry – Upstream, Midstream and Downstream


Boldwater’s proprietary processes rapidly decompose hydrocarbon molecules; providing cost-effective solutions for the recycling of drilling waste as well as Bio-Remediating operational spills or leaks.


Boldwater can eliminate the cost of transporting and disposing hydrocarbon-contaminated soils. The costs associated with hydrocarbon contamination can either be reduced as part of a waste minimization program or completely eliminated as part of a fully implemented waste handling effort.


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