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Commercial & Development Bio-Remediation Services

Commercial & Development Bio-Remediation Services

Boldwater is uniquely qualified to Bio-Remediate commercial and development real estate that contains hydrocarbon-based contamination

Our patented method of Bio-Remediation is well-suited for eliminating hydrocarbon-based contamination from commercial or development real estate. Using only bio-based, eco-friendly material, Boldwater can rid the soil of contamination, prepare land for development, and keep your project on target in terms of both schedule and cost. Because we are a mobile solution, and are equipped to perform the entirety of our service at the site of contamination, there is no need to haul contaminated soil out and new soil in. We simply treat and Bio-Remediate the soil onsite and replace it where it was… clean and restored to its natural condition.

Forego the expense and headache of hauling truckloads of material – the soil never leaves the site, but is Bio-Remediated and returned... this represents significant cost reductions in trucking and purchase of clean soil

Environmental Stewardship – In addition to the savings, our clients take pride in knowing that they have restored the environmental well-being of the land.

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