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Spill Management & Bio-Remediation

Operational Leaks and Spills

Leak and Spill Management

Leak and Spill Management

Boldwater provides both support and management solutions for the routine spills that occur as  part of normal operations as well as response planning and implementation for recordable spill events.

Minor Leaks & Spills - Comprehensive Management

Whether you are looking to purchase a remediation agent for your field crews to use on minor spills, or need help with an overall system of proactively managing any spill event, let Boldwater be your resource. We have flexible options that meet your specific needs in remaining proactive for all spill compliance. We can ensure all of your operating locations are supplied with our “Spill Eliminator” packages. We can also design a spill management service that conforms to your standard operating procedures and is customized for your unique operations. This service can include scheduled visits, remediation activities and certified documentation.


  • Routine Focus – keeping spills small and localized are the keys for proactive spill management, and establishing a plan for regularly inspecting and addressing the everyday spills that occur on operating sites will save significant expenses over the long term.
  • Immediate Action – treating spills as they occur is paramount to preventing expensive remediation efforts due to small leaks or spills that leach into ground soil.
  • Contain / Treat / Return – even if a leak or spill has spread, costly excavation might not be necessary. Boldwater routinely treats hydrocarbon spills and returns the native soil to an environmentally sound status.
  • Cost Management & Reduction – an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Remaining vigilant and addressing spills and leaks today will save you significant expense tomorrow.

Recordable Spills - Response Planning & Implementation

When major spills occur, things tend to get very expensive. In order to prevent overly adverse public scrutiny, many O&G companies will simply “open the checkbook” and pay whatever is necessary to remedy the situation as quickly and quietly as possible. At Boldwater, we believe major spill events can be managed so that expenses do not become out of control and we can help you design a proactive response system that manages costs through what is typically a reactive situation. We can work with you and any contracted entities to quickly resolve a major spill situation and return the local area to its native condition.


  • Comprehensive Event Management – our professionals can review your response plan and help to ensure you are fully capable to resourcefully manage a major spill event.
  • Cost-Effective Onsite Remediation – it might not be necessary to spend a lot of money to quickly excavate and dispose truckloads of soil in a panic… Boldwater specializes in onsite Bio-Remediation and we can treat and return soil onsite, and even in-place if possible
  • Active Cost Management & Reduction – a Boldwater professional can quickly arrive onsite and help manage major spill events to ensure every dollar spent is spent efficiently

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